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Save Money On Overheads With Energy Efficiency

Classification of overheads refers to the process of grouping costs according to their common characteristics. To sum up, direct costs are expenses that directly go into producing goods or providing services; whereas indirect costs are business or household expenses that keep you going...

It is always in our best interest to find new ways to save on our overheads in both our business and household costs. This ensures our ongoing progress no matter who we are or how small or big our businesses or households are. Companies are constantly challenged to find ways to cut their overhead costs in the face of continuing rising inflation.


Energy Efficiency puts Money back in your Pocket

One of the best ways for companies to save on their overheads is to look at the energy efficiency of their buildings. The HVAC systems in buildings run most of the day. This places a huge financial cost on your monthly energy bill.

Energy-efficient ductwork is vital for your HVAC system to run smoothly and replacing old ductwork with Spiralite high-grade pre-insulated ductwork can save 48% on overheads It is worth mentioning that Spiralite ductwork is up to 85% lighter than metal ductwork with additional insulation, which in turn makes professional installation and maintenance quick and easy.


Spiralite Saves on Overheads


Leaky ducts can reduce heating and cooling system efficiency by as much as 20%; whereas sealed, insulated ducts increase efficiency, lower your energy bills, and can often pay for themselves in energy savings. Air leakage at duct joints can lead to energy loss and impaired system efficiency which is remedied with the installation of Spiralite ductwork. When leakage is virtually eliminated, the actual cost of filtering, heating, cooling, and distributing conditioned air is kept to a minimum.

Spiralite is an innovative, unique circular and flat non-metallic insulated air duct that has numerous advantages over traditional GI ducts. Its lightweight, robustness, optimal airflow, and thermal performance offer numerous benefits in weight, space, time, cost, and energy consumption. These benefits provide unrivalled cost advantages.

Spiralite ductwork is approved for use by Major MEP contractors and is compliant with all the relevant building codes and authority regulations. Spiralite is suitable for all commercial, industrial and domestic HVAC applications.



Advanced Innovation

The insulation panel of Spiralite’s ductwork is cut in such a way as to allow it to be formed into a complete circular duct and sealed with heavy-duty reinforced foil tape. The internal surface is lined using a 3ply aluminium foil-based laminate sealed onto itself which results in a light yet extremely strong and fully airtight pre-insulated duct system.

Spiralite is quicker and easier to clean and maintain in a sterile condition because of the smooth cryogenic laminate and lower accumulation and adherence of foreign particles. Where HEPA-type filters are required to ensure optimal air cleanliness, the high internal negative pressures that they can create have no impact on the structural integrity of Spiralite. And as with all these installations, Spiralite ductwork saves energy, cuts costs, and reduces environmental impact.

The installation cost of Spiralite should be less expensive than the metal plus equivalent insulation alternative; potential[y reducing capacity and cost of AHUs due to increased airflow efficiencies.

Spiralite delivers up to 48% savings in energy, space, and time to all commercial and residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) projects. Robust and pressure-resistant, sustainable ductwork such as Spiralite is up to 85% lighter than steel with a much lower carbon footprint.



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