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Why IAQ Assessments Are Particularly Important In A Pandemic

After a long day at work, you're ready to go home. You hang up your coat and take a deep breath, inhaling the familiar scent of home. Have you ever thought about exactly how pure that smell is? You never know what harmful particles, fumes, or gasses could be in your home. An indoor air quality assessment will help you feel at ease- not just about yourself but also about your family.

More than 90% of our time is spent indoors. This proportion can only increase now that the majority of the world works and learns from their homes. We also become more exposed to household air pollution as we live in shelters and avoid the outdoors.

Researchers have begun to link high coronavirus mortality rates and air pollution. Although limited in scope, the research focuses on deaths from the virus and historical levels of dangerous particulate material known at PM 2.5 (an aerosol that can penetrate the lungs and cause skin or eye problems). Research also shows that PM 2.5 inhalation for an extended period can lower immunity levels and make victims susceptible to airborne diseases.

Improvements in indoor air quality have been a constant necessity. The "Sick Building Syndrome" has been a problem for many years. History has shown that buildings play a significant role in spreading disease. This is evident with the SARS epidemic, measles, and others.

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Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Quality indoor air is essential for maintaining immediate and long-term health. Short-term exposure to pollutants may cause headaches, fatigue, and nausea. However, more prolonged exposure to contaminants could lead to more severe health issues like heart disease, cancer, and respiratory disease.

As the world struggles to survive the coronavirus pandemic, the need for clean indoor air has become more pressing. As a result, the UAE government has long been focused on improving the quality of the air. The UAE National Vision 2021 plans to improve the country's air quality to 90% by the end of 2021. 

However, it is not enough to improve the overall health of the nation if the very passages of your home are not made germ-proof. This is where an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessment comes in. 

How to Conduct an Indoor Air Quality Assessment (IAQ)

A professional evaluation is the best way to determine the quality of your home's air. There are, however, some mechanisms and measures that homeowners can use to monitor their home's air quality.

Let's take a look at some:

  • Indoor air quality monitors for home: Available online and in-store, IAQ monitors are easy to install. An IAQ monitor can detect common pollutants and conditions in your home. It is a simple way to monitor indoor air quality.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Even if you don't care about air quality, every home should have a carbon monoxide detection. The detector alerts the home's inhabitants about dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide. This is an odourless and tasteless gas that can escape from gas-powered appliances and tools, as well as accidentally leaving a car idling in the garage.
  • Mould Inspection Regimens: A self-check can help prevent health problems later on. Mould is often found in damp, dark areas like basements and laundry rooms and under sinks.
  • Radon Testing Routines: Radon, another colourless and odourless gas, is naturally found in soil due to radioactive decay. While it is found in almost all soils, prolonged exposure to high levels can lead to lung cancer. The home and basement should be tested for asbestos. These tests can be done with both short-term and long-term methods.

Indoor Air Quality Assessments: Why Spiralite Ductwork

All these are great methods to assess the air quality of a home. However, professional IAQ testing and improvements services are the best for comprehensive assessment and remediation.

An air quality professional will inspect your entire home and test for mould, pollutants, volatile or compound (VOCs), and other harmful substances. Are you unsure about your home's air quality? Spiralite Ductwork can help you breathe easier. Spiralite offers professional ductwork installation, including phenolic duct for quality air assessment and improvement.

With Spiralite at your disposal, you no longer waste extra Kilowatts of power (and the money that pays for it), and you stay at ease while you work outside, knowing your home is as pure as your haven should be. Most of us hustle to keep our families (elders, children, spouses) safe and healthy. Why not take a pragmatic step to ensure that the air they breathe also works for those goals? 

Invest in health. Invest in the family. Invest in Spiralite.

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