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Effective, Environment, and Cost Efficient Results for Use of Spiralite Ducting

Spiral ductwork is gradually taking over traditional ductwork, especially in commercial settings. This success of Spiralite HVAC ducts can be attributed to several factors ranging from lightweight ductwork installation to improved air quality to cost-effectiveness. Here’s an overview of all these markers and how they impact organisations.

1. Quick and Easy Installation

Spiralite is nearly 85% lighter than metal ductwork and insulation. This lightweight build, when paired with offsite capabilities, makes the HVAC ducts significantly quicker and easier to install. Further, it does not require any additional equipment for mounting and installation, making it more convenient. At the same time, the elimination of heavy cutting equipment and sharp corners makes the ductwork installation process safer.


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2. Saves Space and Cost

Another USP of Spiralite worth mentioning rests in its ability to conserve space and reduce expenses. The smallest possible ductwork installation against a prescribed airflow does not require any extra space for the insulation. Further, it grants several benefits by reducing installation costs, minimising installation equipment, ensuring optimum performance, plugging leakages, and elongating product life. The culmination of these properties results in significant cost savings.

3. Effective Heating or Cooling

Spiralite HVAC ducts maximise air movement momentum and minimise friction. This quality results from the cylindrical build of the ducts as opposed to the rectangular ducts of traditional counterparts. It streamlines air movement and makes volume, velocity, and pressure uniform, which enhances the efficacy of air distribution and makes heating or cooling more effective. 

4. Effortless Maintenance

The lack of large, flat surfaces or hard-to-reach corners reduces the area where dust and other contaminants can collect. As such, it is easier to clean and maintain Spiralite HVAC ducts as you can use anything from hand wiping to compressed air vacuum systems to clean the ducts. Additionally, cleaning tools and equipment dedicated to phenolic ducts are a lot more efficient than their traditional counterparts, which further makes it easier to maintain top-notch cleanliness and hygiene.

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5. Environmental and Health Benefits

Air leakages are the primary reasons behind energy losses. Higher energy consumption corresponds to a greater carbon footprint, which in turn, will impact the environment adversely. Further, the loss of efficiency affects indoor air quality. However, in the case of Spiralite, leakage rates are less than even 1% arising from duct-to-duct joints and lock seal seams that mitigate leakages.

6. Longer Lifespan and Easier Repairs

Spiralite ducts are structurally stronger due to the fabrication process involved and their cylindrical shape. As such, they can resist physical damage considerably. At the same time, they offer greater flexibility for repairs. Most minor repairs can be carried out on site. In case of major damages, the affected portion can be cut out and replaced to bring back performance to optimum levels.

Choose Spiralite now

With the many advantages of Spiralite, in terms of efficiency, eco-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness, it is only intuitive to include these HVAC ducts in new constructions or while renovating the existing facilities. The added advantage of aesthetics and comfort can add more value to establishments.

Keeping all the above information in mind, the message is clear - Choose Spiralite, embrace efficiency.

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